— R&D

Goodpak Packaging is a national high-tech enterprise, we have our own R&D center.

For fulfilling the requirements from our customer and the market competition, every year we invest plenty of money for improving our product and developing the new product. 

Till now we hold 48 invention patents.


Professional analysis in the food packaging field
Rapid responding to the needs of market
Our continuous innovation makes our products lead the industry trend. 


— Innovation

True innovative products meets consumer needs.

 Excellent performance; 

 Convenient, novel and interesting packaging; 

 Less resources, more eco-friendly.


Environmental Friendly Easy-tearing Cup—Paper-plastic separation


Product Feature: The outer paper cover of the cup is detachable. Consumer can tear off the zipper to separate the outer cup sleeve from the inner plastic cup.

Advantages: The back of paper cover can be printed and used for brand publicity.

Positively responding to the call of garbage classification treatment, it’s environmental friendly.



Hollow-carved Cup

Product Feature: The cup is made of food grade paper and a few of transparent plastic material. This kind of cup is suitable for the filling of snack food. Consumers can see the content visually.  

Advantages: Making the product attractive on the shelf .

Bringing the cup with a sense of design.

Stimulating consumers' purchase desire.


Surface processing craft

Product Feature: The embossing technology is a kind of environmental protection process without any pollution in the production, which brings the products with 3D effect. Other crafts such as gold stamping are also widely used in our products. The main purpose is to emphasize the local surface of the overall design to show the core content.

Advantages: Highlighting the importance.

Increasing the added value of the cup.

Making the products of rich level and strong artistic quality.


Storage Cup

Product Feature: The storage cup is divided into inner plastic cup and outer paper sleeve. The molding process is the same with the existing paper plastic cup. The height difference between inner cup and outer cup sleeve is created for the space of storage. At the same time, the cup can be filled with yogurt, snacks and so on.

Advantages: The cup is innovative and multi-functional.

Realizing more products combinations.

Suitable for children's products and promotional products.